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Our name, AllHotels.com, describes exactly what we're about.

Here's what we've done to get you the best possible hotel deals.

We've teamed up with the top hotel networks on the Internet.  Often, you will get the exact same hotel room on the same dates at different prices.

We basically allow you to compare, at a glance, the rates on offer from the top networks.

Often, you will see the same hotel at the same price on the different networks.  This is good for the traveller - it's keeping everyone on their toes.

So, say you see a hotel at a rate you like.  When you click the "book now" button, a little window will open up and present you with the prices at the major networks.  Then, simply select your preferred option.

And don't forget cancellation policies are in operation so no problem if you're plans change.

We wish you happy searching, and happy travels!

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